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Important Announcement!

Post by mogwai on Sat May 20, 2017 4:01 pm

Hello New Space Team!

Here I want to ask you "the elementary question" of the year! It is about next season 2017/18!

I just want to ask you, if everyone wants to continue in the New Space 5AS team next season again?
Please answer me about this as soon as possible, even if you're not sure about yet.

Since quite a moment already I thought to use the following procedure in case of not receiving any answer from you in time about this subject:

- You'll have time to confirm you're "membership" until the FPL game is restarted again.
- Once the game has been restarted, I still give you another week for confirming or cancelling.
- After this additionally week still without any answer from you (or with a definite negative answer having received before), I'd start to seek for a replacement (In that case I would have to).

But of course I'd prefer to compete next season in exactly the same formation again!

So I hope to read quite soon from you!

Thank you in advance,

mogwai / Andreas

edit: At the moment (20.05.2017) we have the following situation:

mogwai: ok for next season
JohnSteed01: ok as well
gallus: normally ok (99,999 % yes)
Hödi: not sure yet
Arhaych: did not log into FISO forum since 3rd of December


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